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2024 High School Softball Rules Access

Watch NFHS video explaining new pitching rule. 

Coach/Catcher Electronic Communication SURVEY RESULTS

The NFHS Baseball Rules Committee legalized the use of one-way electronic coach to catcher communication effective for the 2023-24 school year.  The NFHS Softball Rules Committee has not legalized the same for softball.  We have conducted an informal survey in the high school softball community in North Carolina asking if the same rule should be adopted for softball.  The results of our survey are as follows:

Respondents greatly support one-way electronic communication from coach to catcher in softball.  Survey participants were 81% in favor and 19% against.  Supporting comments include the following:

  • The same opportunities that exist in NFHS baseball should be allowed in NFHS softball.
  • Electronic communication would solve the problem of the catcher’s view of the coach being obstructed by fences and poor field lighting, which are all-too-common problems found on high school softball fields.
  • High school catchers who aspire to play at the next level should be allowed the opportunity to learn and use the same technology that has become a common part of college softball.
  • Improved technology has made electronic coach/catcher communication both practical and affordable.

Comments against:

  • Some schools may not be able to afford the cost of the necessary equipment, causing “further separation of the haves and the have-nots”.
  • The presence of communication equipment could present problems when catchers move to block pitches.
  • Communication equipment may partially obstruct the catcher’s hearing.

2024 NCSCA Scholarship Program

Applications are now being accepted for NCSCA’s 2024 scholarships.  Four scholarships in the amount of $1000 will be awarded.  Applicants must be graduating in the high school class of 2024 and entering college during the 2024-25 academic year.  The NCSCA scholarship is open to North Carolina high school softball players who will not be receiving athletic scholarship money to play college sports.  Applications are limited to one per team and must be submitted with the assistance of the player’s high school coach.  Applications must be received by May 3, 2024.  Follow this link for more information.

Coaches Clinic Held at Fuquay-Varina 

NCSCA’s 15th annual winter softball coaches clinic was held at Fuquay-Varina High School on 1/20/24.  Speakers this year were N.C. State University head softball coach Lindsay Leftwich, N. C. State assistant coach and Florida Vibe professional player Grayson Ratcliffe, and Hickory Ridge High School head coach Justin Davies.  The clinic was well attended by high school, travel ball, and rec. league softball coaches representing all of North Carolina’s eight high school athletics regions.  Special thanks go out to Fuquay-Varina’s administration for making their outstanding facility available for this event.  We also thank Fuquay-Varina’s head softball coach Robbie Wray and his softball volunteers for their outstanding help in planning and making the event run smoothly.

2023 NCSCA Annual Financial Report

NCSCA’s 2023 Financial Report is available for review by members.  Members may log in and access the report here.

NC Softball Hall of Fame Inducts Three

NCSCA is pleased to announce its 2023 class of inductees to the North Carolina Softball Hall of Fame.  The three individuals are Chelsea Leonard Martin (Central Davidson High School), Karen Dull (East Forsyth High School), and Sarah Mooney (North Mecklenburg High School).  Link to the Hall of Fame

NCSCA President Chosen for Governor’s Award

Weddington High School’s Claire Lyerly was recently selected by Governor Roy Cooper’s office to receive the Laurel Wreath Award which is presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to sports or athletics in the great State of North Carolina.  Coach Lyerly was nominated by Weddington’s Athletic Director, Michael Hart.  In his recommendation letter, Hart stated, “Coach Lyerly has been a student-advocate and mentor to many, both on the field and in the classroom.  She is a true asset to Weddington High School and advocate to education-based athletics in North Carolina!”  Coach Lyerly is currently serving as the North Carolina Softball Coaches Association’s President.  Congratulations Claire from all of us at NCSCA!

Coach Awards Announced

NCSCA is pleased to announce its softball Coach of the Year awards for 2023.
State Coach of the Year
1A:  Darbi Holmes, Union Academy
2A:  Emily Smith, West Stanly
3A : Roger Wilson, East Lincoln
4A:  Justin Davis, Hickory Ridge

Region Coach of the Year
1:  Tom Arnette, Camden County
2:  Jaime Kylis, North Duplin
3:  Chris Batten, North Johnston;  Ashley Ennis, South Johnston
4:  Jason Nance, East Columbus
5:  Scott Bell, Western Alamance
6:  Linda McGowan, Marvin Ridge
7:  Kylie Hamby, Alexander Central
8:  Jennifer Kruk, Enka

2023 Lambros Award
Eddie “Pop” Rivers

NCSCA Annual Meeting

NCSCA’s annual meeting was held on July 19, 2023.  This year’s meeting was well attended and those members present voted on and passed several items of interest.
1)  Bylaws Amendments- please log in to the Members’ Area to learn more about the minor changes that were passed.
2)  Board of Directors-  Members voted to add a fourth position to the association’s Board of Directors.
3)  David Poplin (South Stanly High School) was confirmed as District 6 Chairperson after serving as the district’s interim chair for most of 2023.
4)  Alexandria Connelly (Green Level High School) was elected Chairperson for District 3, replacing outgoing Dan Gill (Apex Friendship High School).

2023 Mid-Year Financial Report

NCSCA’s 2023 mid-year financial statement is complete.  Members may review it by logging in to our Members’ Area.  An archived record of all annual financial statements dating back to 2008 is also available in the Members’ Area.

NCSCA Scholarship Winners 2023

Each year, the North Carolina Softball Coaches Association awards four scholarships to graduating seniors who are pursuing their education beyond high school and have ended their athletic careers.  These young ladies are chosen based on proven dedication to their high school softball teams coupled with proven academic achievement during their high school experience.  Congratulations to our 2023 winners.  This year’s scholarships, in the amount of $1000 each are awarded to:
                                      Eastern Region
Ava Blackman       Triton High School       NC State University
Maylani Carr       E.A. Laney High School       Vanderbilt University

                                      Western Region
Ally Bingham       Mooresville High School       North Greenville University
Jocelyn Garcia       Weddington High School       UNC Chapel Hill

6/22/23   rev. 6/29/23
2023 All-District and All-State Awards Announced

NCSCA is pleased to announce our 2023 All-District and All-State award winners.  These fine softball players were selected from all across North Carolina after demonstrating a season of outstanding performance.  This year, 371 public North Carolina high schools as well as 90 private schools throughout our eight districts participated in varsity fastpitch softball.  Well in excess of 5000 athletes participated on these teams.

Link to the 2023  Post Season Awards Lists.

2023 State Softball Playoffs Concludes

Congratulations to our 2023 North Carolina high school state champions and to all tournament qualifiers.  The skill and enthusiasm seen in this year’s state tournament is a testament to the level of softball competition that exists in our state.  These results stem from the hard work our athletes put in to learning the craft of playing softball.  Regardless of the endeavor, superior skill is learned through countless hours of dedicated practice.

To our seniors:  We wish you the best as you continue your journey beyond high school.
To our underclassmen:  Continue to perfect your skills both athletically and academically, and your journey will be a good one!

State Champion:  Union Academy (R6)
State Runner-up:  North Duplin (R2)
Eastern Region Champion:  North Duplin (R2)
Eastern Region Runner-up:  East Columbus (R4)
Western Region Champion:  Union Academy (R6)
Western Region Runner-up:  South Stokes (R5) 
State Champion:  West Stanly (R6)
State Runner-up:  Midway (R2)
Eastern Region Champion:  Midway (R2)
Eastern Region Runner-up:  North Johnston (R3)
Western Region Champion: West Stanly (R6)
Western Region Runner-up:  West Wilkes (R7) 
State Champion:  East Lincoln (R6)
State Runner-up:  Western Alamance (R5)
Eastern Region Champion:  Western Alamance (R5) 
Eastern Region Runner-up:  South Johnston (R3) 
Western Region Champion:  East Lincoln (R6)
Western Region Runner-up:  Rockingham County (R5)
State Champion:  Apex (R3)    
State Runner-up:  Hickory Ridge (R6) 
Eastern Region Champion:  Apex (R3) 
Eastern Region Runner-up:  Topsail (R2) 
Western Region Champion:  Hickory Ridge (R6)
Western Region Runner-up:  Marvin Ridge (R6)


Softball Needs Officials

In recent years we have seen a decline in the number of qualified individuals who participate in our sport through offering their services as game officials.  Most notably, we see fewer younger people becoming umpires each year.  This is a huge problem since we cannot play games without umpires.  Statistics over the past ten years reveal that as umpires have become fewer, the number of high schools fielding softball teams in North Carolina has steadily grown with a corresponding increase in the number of games being played.  In our state, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) governs, certifies, and manages officials for all high school sports.  NCHSAA’s goal is to provide game officials all across the state who are competent, fair, and consistent in their craft.  Officiating softball is an exciting profession to be part of as the overall skill level of our athletes continues to increase each year.  We encourage anyone who would like to participate in our sport as an umpire to become an NCHSAA certified official.  To find out how you can become a qualified softball umpire, you may access information here.

3/19/19     revised 2/2/21
Illegal Equipment

NCHSAA no longer requires umpires to check players’ equipment prior to each game.  This, in effect, puts more responsibility on you as coach to make sure your players’ equipment is both legal and game ready.  Catcher’s gear with failing straps, cracked helmets, broken face masks, loose or missing attachment screws, cracked and out-of-round bats, and illegal bats, are all your responsibility to check for and not allow to be used in a contest.  Remember, the penalty for using an altered bat or a bat that is NOT on the USA Softball legal bat list is:  batter is out, batter is ejected, and head coach is ejected!  The list of legal bats can be found here.

9/13/18    rev. 12/27/21
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