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2021 Mid-Year Financial Report

NCSCA’s current mid-year financial report (1/1/21-6/30/21) is available for members to review in the Members’ Area.  All past financial statements are also available for review in the Members’ Area.

2021 North Carolina Post Season Awards

NCSCA is pleased to announce our All-District and All-State award recipients for 2021.  This year’s standout athletes have proven themselves to be at the top of the game among the high school varsity players of North Carolina.  We congratulate all recipients of these awards.  The lists may be found in our Awards area on the All-District/All-State page.

Our organization, the North Carolina Softball Coaches Association, has been recognizing the notable athletes of high school fastpitch softball in our state with few changes since we began our process in 2005.  That process begins with the team’s coach submitting nominations of players that he/she believes are worthy of recognition for their performance during the season, and doing so by long established deadlines.  When outstanding players are omitted from an award, it is very likely that their coaches, for whatever reason, did not nominate them.  It must be understood that even though the number of high school athletes participating in softball was down slightly because of Covid, the numbers likely still exceeded 5000 players on the 363 schools that fielded varsity teams this year.  Unlike coach organizations in other sports, we choose to recognize more than just a tiny token handful of our top athletes.  Recognition of the top players from such a large number of teams is an impossible task if the coach does not bring attention to the player.  We urge all players, parents, and fans to make sure your coach is reminded of our post season awards process next year.

The North Carolina Softball Coaches Association (NCSCA) is an independent all-volunteer organization of high school softball coaches, and is not associated with the governing body of high school athletics in our state, the North Carolina High School Athletics Association (NCHSAA).

2021 Scholarship Winners Announced

NCSCA is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2021 scholarships.  This year, our four winners are:

Colleen Quinlivan                  Cary High School                Beloit College
Madeleine Kearns                 Falls Lake Academy            NC State University

Rebekah Davis                     Weddington High School       Appalachian State
Kara Lingvai                         Pine Lake Prep                      Clemson University

We extend all the best to our winners as well as all of our Class of ’21 graduating seniors.  More information about our scholarship program can be found here.

2021 North Carolina High School Softball Playoff Winners

The 2021 softball playoff finishers are:

State Champions
1A- Camden County
2A- West Stanly
3A- Southern Alamance
4A- Hoggard
State Runners-up
1A- South Stanly
2A- South Granville
3A- Alexander Central
4A- East Forsyth
Regional Winners
1A East- Camden County (region 1)
1A West- South Stanly (region 6)
2A East- South Granville (region 3)
2A West- West Stanly (region 6)
3A East- Southern Alamance (region 5)
3A West- Alexander Central (region 7)
4A East- Hoggard (region 2)
4A West- East Forsyth (region 5)
Regional Runners-up
1A East- Bear Grass (region 1)
1A West- Mountain Island (region 6)
2A East- Currituck County (region 1)
2A West- East Lincoln (region 6)
3A East- Gray’s Creek (region 4)
3A West- North Buncombe (region 8)
4A East- Fuquay-Varina (region 3)
4A West- South Caldwell (region 7)

Congratulations are in order to all the teams who completed outstanding seasons and made it into the state tournament, as well as the many great teams who, after proving themselves through very successful seasons, were squeezed out of their chance to compete because of the changes to normal playoff practices that were purportedly aimed at Covid mitigation.

The reality is that although publicizing this year’s modified playoffs as their effort to reduce the spread of Covid, NCHSAA leadership made many big decisions in designing and seeding this year’s playoffs that likely were not pandemic related.  These decisions left many deserving teams out in the cold and created significant sub-standard bracket pairings.  The shortcomings of this year’s playoffs included undersizing the brackets in order to eliminate one round of playoff games; justifying the use of predetermined brackets by citing a necessity to reduce first-round travel, and then bracketing automatic qualifiers not by travel distance, but rather through random draw; throwing out Max Preps rankings, a superior tool for seeding brackets, in favor of using conference records alone (never a valid comparison of teams) to determine wild card qualifiers; and finally, without notice on seeding day, choosing to ignore the longstanding rule that guarantees a playoff berth to any team who wins their conference tournament.

The shortcomings of this year’s playoffs in no way diminish the accomplishments of neither those teams fortunate enough to be able to participate nor those worthy teams who were never given the chance to participate. Let us hope that lessons learned this year will lead to better decision-making about future playoff structure and that NCHSAA’s leadership will do a better job of both following their own rules, and avoiding ill-conceived guidelines with inferior playoff seeding practices.

Some of the more notable teams conspicuously absent from the 2021 playoffs who were displaced because of decisions surrounding the so-called “Covid modifications” to playoff rules are:

Lincoln Charter


Central Davidson
Providence Grove
Wilkes Central
Cape Fear
Rockingham County
South Central


2021 NCSCA Scholarships

NCSCA is pleased to announce our 2021 scholarship program.  This year’s offering will consist of $800 scholarships to be awarded to four North Carolina High School softball players graduating in 2021 and planning to continue their education at a college or university next year.  Full details may be found in the “Awards” area on our “Scholarships” page.

3/19/19     revised 2/2/21
Illegal Equipment

NCHSAA no longer requires umpires to check players’ equipment prior to each game.  This, in effect, puts more responsibility on you as coach to make sure your players’ equipment is both legal and game ready.  Catcher’s gear with failing straps, cracked helmets, broken face masks, loose or missing attachment screws, cracked and out-of-round bats, and illegal bats, are all your responsibility to check for and not allow to be used in a contest.  Remember, the penalty for using an altered bat or a bat that is NOT on the USA Softball legal bat list is:  batter is out, batter is ejected, and head coach is ejected!  The list of legal bats can be found here.

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