IMPORTANT:  The deadline for nominations is “seeding day”.  This is the deadline scheduled each year by North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) for teams to report their official win/loss record for the purpose seeding the state playoff brackets.  It is usually the Saturday following the last day for regular season and/or conference tournament games.

  • Nomination submission requires the following information based on final end-of-season stats.  Your season stats should include ALL games played prior to the beginning of State Playoffs, including conference tournament games if applicable.  Please include all information that applies.  Incomplete information is of no benefit to your players.  All stats can be computed and organized for you by the easy-to-use Max Preps system, which you are required by NCHSAA to use for reporting your game results.  Please note that Max Preps has no direct input into our selection process.  We encourage the use their stats function because it provides a convenient and uniform platform that gives us a practical way to compare players. 

Hitting & Baserunning (required):

  • Number of at-bats
  • Number of hits
  • Season batting average
  • Season on-base percentage
  • Season slugging percentage
  • Number of RBI’s
  • Number of strike-outs
  • Number of reached-on-error occurrences
  • Normal position in batting order
  • Number of stolen bases

Fielding (required):

  • Number of put-outs
  • Number of assists
  • Number of errors made
  • Fielding percentage

Catching (if applicable):

  • Total number of passed balls
  • Total number of stolen base attempts by opponents’ base runners
  • Total number of stolen bases allowed

Pitching (if applicable):

  • Number of wins
  • Number of losses
  • Number of strike-outs
  • Number of bases-on-balls
  • Number of innings pitched
  • Earned Run Average
  • Opponents’ cumulative batting average
  • Number of complete games

Other (required):

  • Player’s position(s)
  • Player’s graduation year
  • Team’s classification
  • Team’s season win/loss record
  • Team’s final conference standing
  • Max Preps strength of schedule rating
  • Any comments you may have regarding your player