Survey:  Coach/Catcher Electronic Communication

A new rule has been implemented in NFHS Baseball that allows for direct electronic communication between coach and catcher during games beginning with the 2023-24 academic year.  This rule has not been adopted in NFHS Softball.  The purpose of this survey is to obtain feedback from the softball community on whether or not a similar capability should be allowed in high school softball.

Please respond by April 1, 2024.

The new NFHS BASEBALL rule in effect this season, is stated as follows:

ART. 2 . . . One-way electronic communication devices are permissible from the dugout to the catcher while the team is on defense for the purpose of calling pitches. When using the electronic communication device, the coach cannot be outside the dugout/bench area.
PENALTY: The umpire shall issue a team warning to coach of the team involved and the next offender(s) of that team will be ejected along with the head coach.

Rationale: This rule allows for a team to utilize an electronic device for the purpose of calling pitches from the dugout. The device would only be able to be one-way, meaning the player cannot use an electronic device to respond or communicate back to the coach.  Various technologies, earpiece, electronic band or a smart watch could be used giving teams several options at varying costs. No other player would be able to wear or use this device nor would the coach be able to communicate with any other player using electronic communication.